Over the years, while we were taking care about exchange students we are still facing the questions about what they should pack with themselves for their journey. That is the reason why I wanted to create this blog post. However, I do not want to talk about obvious things but about something that you might not think of when you are in stress before the departure.

The first things that you should think about if you are coming at the beginning of February are warm clothes and winter boots. The average temperature during the winter season is -2 °C. However, every year there is at least one very cold week when the temperature can decrease even below -10 °C during the night.

If you want to have a stable internet connection at the Halls of Residence than we would recommend you to pack Ethernet cable (RJ-45). This does not mean that there is no Wi-Fi at the Halls of Residence, just sometimes the signal can be very weak.

A camera is something that you should definitely pack with you. Nothing else will help you to catch all memories and places from your exchange better than a good picture.

The Czech Republic is a country where not so many people can speak English or other foreign languages. Czech dictionary or Pictionary can be handy and help you avoid some misunderstandings.

Keep it in mind that you are going to live in the country which might be totally different than yours. Abroad you will realise how proud you are from your culture and country. And what better way to show your pride than with a flag of your country? Trust us, there will be events when it will be useful as well!

You are most probably going to travel a lot during the semester. Travelling must is a padlock for locking your backpack/luggage. You never know who is your roommate during stays in hostels.

You are also going to have a possibility to create an ESNcard or card for public traffic. If you will decide to have them, then you will need to have a photo in passport format (3,5 x 4,5 cm). So do you want the discount for Ryanair?

Some of you can get the accommodation scholarship from the university. This scholarship can be transferred only to the Czech bank account. It is not a problem to open one here but you will need two documents issued by the government (passport, national ID or driving licence).