The Czech Republic is one of few countries in the European Union which still did not accept Euros as the national currency. The Czech currency is called the Czech Crown (Česká koruna) which is valid only in our lovely country. Currently, we do use six different coins in the values - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK. We also use six different banknotes in the values - 100, 200, 500, 1 000, 2 000 and 5 000 CZK. The funny thing is that almost 95% of the people in the Czech Republic never saw 5 000 banknotes in their life.


Having an own currency brings usually some problems with exchanging the money, especially for the people who are coming outside of Europe. We know that it is hard or even impossible to get Czech Crowns in some countries. Then you have to come with some other currency. We do recommend to have Euros or US Dollars because it is very easy to change them for Crowns everywhere. If you will bring other currencies, then it might be more complicated because not all of the exchange offices accept all currencies.


The exchange rate for 1 Euro is 25,73 CZK today and US dollar has today an exchange rate 1 USD = 22,53 CZK. If you decide to exchange, we do recommend you to get as close as you can to these rates. Some of the exchange offices have so bad exchange rates, that you might lose even half of your money. So check twice, before you confirm the transaction. Another scam which can happen to you is that some exchange offices have two different exchange rates. The first one is the official one from the National Bank, the other one, with a worse rate is their inner one.


The complete list with the exchange rates according to the Czech National Bank is under the following link: EXCHANGE RATES


The main problem is that if you make an exchange with a bad rate, everything is completely legal and you have no chance to get your money back.


If you want to see, where to not exchange money on the Prague airport, please check the video below.


Zlín also has a couple of exchange offices and all of them offer fair exchange rates. The closest one to the city center is the exchange office in the shopping center, called Golden Apple. It is right on the main square. The office itself is a little bit hidden, but you can find it on the ground floor, close to the bus stop. The other exchange office is on the ground floor of Prior, another shopping center. You can easily spot it from most of the places in Zlín because it is one of the highest buildings in the town and it is whole white. Our last tip is the exchange office in Čepkov, the biggest shopping mall in the center of the town. It is located right next to the entrance to Kaufland.

And one more thing, never change money on the street! If you do that you will probably get some colorful pieces of paper from eastern European countries which are not valid and have no value.