Hello and welcome to Zlín and Tomas Bata University! :) We would like to greet you in an extraordinary style by a whole week filled with activities, competitions and new friendships. We promise it is worth it!

• 17.09. Sunday - Orientation Walk
• 18.09. Monday - Welcome Night
• 19.09. Tuesday - Sport Day
• 20.09. Wednesday - Tour de Pub
• 21.09. Thursday - Bowling
• 22.09. Friday - Trip to Olomouc
• 23.09. Saturday - BBQ

If you want to attend the events from Monday to Saturday, you will have to buy a Welcome Week ticket or a Welcome Pack. You can buy them during Help Twice (13.09, 15.09. and 16.09), before the Orientation Walk (17.09.), after TBU presentations (18.09.) and before the Welcome Night (18.09.). You will also be able to buy a SIM card and an ESNcard separetly from the welcome packs.

•Welcome Week ticket: 750 CZK
•SIM card: 200 CZK
•ESNcard: 250 CZK
•Welcome Pack (all of the above + map of Zlín, information brochures, Buddy System Zlín pen, all in a great tote bag branded with the BSZ logo): 900 CZK

►NOTE: By purchasing the ticket you agree to the terms of the organizer.

►NOTE: Buddy System Zlín reserves the right to change the program.

More information will be available in FB events for each day.
We are looking forward to meeting you!
If you want to know more, check our web pages: http://buddysystem.utb.cz/welcomeweek

17/09/2017 - 14:30
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