Here it is! The Welcome week! Read on to get more info about what awaits you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to attend events from Monday to Friday, you'll have to buy the ticket for Welcome Week or Welcome Package. Both will be sold on Monday at the International Office meeting or before the Welcome Night.

Welcome Week ticket: 300 CZK
Pre-paid Vodafone SIM Card: 200 CZK
ESN Card: 150 CZK
Welcome Package (all of the above + map of Zlín and information brochures): 700 CZK

Also, you will have to register separately for Tuesday's and Thursday's events - more on that below.

Now let's get to it! :)

Have you finally arrived in Zlin and do you feel a bit lost? Do you want to meet new foreign friends as well as Czech and Slovak buddies?
Join us on Sunday for a fun and a tiny bit competitive orientation walk around main and important places around Zlin town centre.

>>Meeting point: in front of U13 building (library)
>>When: 14:00 (2pm)

Monday getting-to-know-each-other time! You'll meet every incoming student and also other Buddies! We've prepared ice breaking games, Czech lessons, wine tasting, snack eating...
And after that, we'll move to Bamboo, Cuba styled pub/club nearby, dance and have a good time!

>>Meeting point: in front of U13 building
>>When: 18:00 (6pm)

IMPORTANT - Tuesday's program is limited to 80 people, 20 for each hour of guides! The first guided tour starts at 14:00 in the 14/15 museum, other possible times are 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00! Write your full name and pick your time here! ->

Discover with us the most significant history of a Zlín town, into which belongs history of shoemaker´s company Baťa. We will not just take a look at the exposition, but you can also try craftsmanship with your own hands, which is connected with manufacturing of shoes.
For those who are interested in paleontology, we invite you for exposition, which introduces us pieces of geology, prehistoric animals and flora.
Another exposition will present you the magic of Czech puppets/marionette.
And last but not least there is a photo gallery of Zlin‘s architecture.
You will see the best things which have relation to Zlin’s culture. There will be an English speaking guide for you as well!

>>Meeting point: in front of U13 building (library)
>>When: 15 minutes before each tour (13:45,14:45, 15:45 and 16:45 respectively - remember your time!)

The fourth day of the Welcome week is also known as Tour de Pub. All present foreign students can gather and explore the best pubs in Zlín. The beer race is waiting for you! The fastest team is the winner and gets all the fame they can get!
Why do you have to come?
You will meet your classmates while exploring Zlin’s best pubs. We will guarantee you'll have a great time with your new friends... and when the Tour is over, there's also badass after party in Flip club!
Rest of the information will be provided at the meeting point. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Link for the afterparty in Flip club:

>>Meeting point: in front of U13 building (library)
>>When: 20:00 (8:00pm)

>>>>>>THURSDAY - BOWLING<<<<<<
IMPORTANT! You need to register your 5 person team on this link! -> - each team must have all 5 members!
Entry fee: included in Welcome ticket

Food and drinks are not included in Welcome ticket but you can buy some refreshments at the bowling place. There will be Erasmus menu in English.
Let´s enjoy the bowling evening and relax a bit after „exhausting“ Tour De Pub.
Show us what is in you and meet new friends!
What is your task? Register your team and win a prize of Kings of Bowling!

>>Meeting point: in front of U13 building (library)
>>When: 17:00 (5pm)

Let's do a nice thing and take a walk with dogs from the Vršava shelter. Vršava shelter houses lonely dogs from Zlín, who are always happy to take a walk with someone!
Please be on time because we have to catch a bus!

>>Meeting point: in front of U13 building (library)
>>When: 14:00 (2pm)

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