During these amazing days you can expect: opportunity to help dogs, get more information about people with special needs, share your knowledge and much more!

Here are the events that you can be looking forward to:
27.11 - Writting letters
29.11 - Erasmus in school
30.11 - Visit of Firefighting department and first aid training
1.12 - Walking dogs
4. 12. - Painting without hands
6.12 - Dinner in the dark
NOTE: More information about the events you can find later on.

If you want to take part in any of the Social Inclusion days events, please fill the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/88jbDIMkNyPo7XhD2

NOTE: Everyone who come on more than 3 events will receive a certificate for a hero, and if you join us for more than 5 events you will have certificate for Superhero!

So come and be a #superhero!

#SocialErasmus #ExchangeAbility #SOCIALinclusionDAYS2017
More information about the projects: https://socialerasmus.esn.org/ http://exchangeability.eu/

27/11/2017 - 18:00
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