Dear Erasmus students,
we know that you will leave us soon and we can say, that you will be missed for sure.
If you remember Help twice in the beginning of the semester, you know that we will need your help in order to make it next semester as well. We know that you can't bring everything back to home, so you can leave all USEFUL thing to us for the future incoming students. It could be dishes, books, or anything that you wished was on our Help twice in the beginning of the semester. Also, you can leave us clothes, which we will bring for charity.

U7 - Boxes in the kitchen on the first floor
U11 - room 205/Our office (Please, contact us when you want to bring them there because we are not staying there all the time)
U12 - you can a well leave them to your friends there and ones there are a lot collected in one place, we can come to pick them up

Contact us if you want to bring them to our office or want us to come to pick them from U12.

Your buddies :)

19/05/2017 - 19:00
Buddy System Zlín
Nad Ovčírnou 3685
760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic