Dear Erasmus students,
we know that you will leave us soon and we can say, that you will be missed for sure. But not all of the things which you have here you can bring back to home. So that is why we are organizing Help Twice. We will collect everything what you can not take back home and which can be usefull for next Erasmus students. So if you are planning to let here dishes, books or something which can be usefull for next turn of Erasmus students please bring it to our person or to place, which are responsible for collecting.

U7 - Kitchen on level of reception
U12 - Patrik Hollý, room 210P

Contact Patrik Hollý before you will bring the stuffs, because it can happen, that he will not be at room. :-)

If you have something what you want to give directly to us and you are living at U7. Just text us ;)

Your buddies

14/12/2016 - 00:00
Buddy System Zlín
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760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic