The fourth battle is going to be between Taiwan and Ukraine in FMC building in room 215 (U44/215).

BSZ will contribute to each team 700 CZK for their food.
Important note:
Bills have to be without alcohol.
Teams can start comming since 19:00.

What should it contain??
1. It is considered as battle of nations, where one country compete with second one.

2. they sould show their best of: culture, food, habits (Christmas, New years eve, how to say cheers...)

3. Can be created seriously with pride, or more relaxed focused on funny page of their country, but keep in mind, the audience should not get bored!!

4. Event can consist of any video, music, picture, scene, dance.

5. Differences from other countries, eg. describe your feelings through first week in Czechia.

6. Places you recommend to visit or things to try.

7. Presentations have to be apolitical.

01/11/2016 - 00:00
Marketingové komunikace FMK UTB ve Zlíně
Štefánikova 2431
760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic