Hey guys, all of you have seen our buddies pink t-shirts, right? We have also prepared special black version of them for you. They're not only a great souvenir, which will always remind you of this awesome experiance at Zlin, but also an amazing way how to show the world that you are proud exchange student!

We know that Erasmus is an unforgettable experience. Therefore we are happy to offer you this T-shirt!


16.11 during our Karaoke night
22.11 before and after Country Presentation
24.11 Dufing Language cafe
29.11 before and after Country Presentation
(Later there will be more chances, but put in mind that there is a limited number of them)

Please, if you want a T-shirt fill in this form and choose your size:
NOTE: When filling the form take in mind that the shirtsare one size smaller than usual.
NOTE2: We will bring T-shirt only to the registered people

Thank you!

15/11/2016 - 21:00
Buddy System Zlín
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760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic