The Country Presentation is the project where Buddy System gives you the stage, material and financial support and thanks to that you will be able to show your country to the whole World! Or at least to the whole Zlín. So try to awake your national pride inside yourself and prove that your country is better than the others! Show us your national traditions, dances or play us national songs!  The creativity is always welcome. Every event we are having two countries which are competing against each other for the votes of spectators. So will you be the one with the interesting presentation and delicious food? Or you will let the glory and gold medal to your opponents? Only the vote of people can decide.

The every Country Presentation is free of charge for anyone who want to come. So invite everybody who might be interested in exploring our planet by the taste of food and beverages. Everybody is always welcome, no matter if you are a local or international student or dean of the faculty. So what are you waiting for?