How long have you been part of Buddy System Zlín? Why you decided to join us? 
I am from Chomutov, which is city located on north west of Czech republic. So when I came to Zlín I did not know anyone. At my first year I wanted to join Buddy System, but I did not because I was scared. Then I had my Erasmus and everything changed. I joined Buddy System in February 2015 and my ESN carrer started really fast laugh

What is your main responsibility in Buddy System Zlín? 
Currently I am section president, which means that I am the main person of whole organization. Primary I am the one who talks with International Office, ESN Czech republic and other institutions. But that is not all. I have a lot of different things to do and if I start, then it will be short novel laugh

What is your best memory with Buddy System Zlín? 
I have a plenty of them and it is so hard for me to pick just only one of them. But if I have to pick only one, it will be my first section teambuilding. It happened near by dam Bystřička and we just had great group of people. 

Do you have any bad experiences with Buddy System Zlín? 
Of course that I have some of bad experiences after almost two years. It will be something wrong if I was not. In general I can say that the worst is when I make a bad decision. Because president is under enourmous pressure and every mistake is returning like a boomerang.

Were you on Erasmus? If yes, in which country? How was the ESN section working  there? 
I had my Erasmus in Faro, which is small town in Portugal. It is located on very south of Portugal and it is famous for surffing and golf. It was expirience which changed my life and after it I started to look on the world with different eyes. Local section, ESN Algarve, organized for us some events, but it was not that intensive as here in Czech republic.

What would you change in/improve on Buddy System Zlín? 
When I started like president I wanted to change so many things. Some of them are already done, which I am proud of, but it was not only my work. Currently I really want to improve the work with people, who are comming to Buddy System. I have to be the one who makes a great atmosphere in the team and the one who motivate the others. 

Would you recommend Buddy System Zlín to another students? Why? 
It will not be a surprise if I recommend Buddy System to theothers. I want to say, that is great oppoturnity to try something different. You can meet students from whole world and then when you will travel the world you have contacts. Your language skills are getting better and better. If you are scared of going to your own Erasmus, you can try it with us first and found out, that is not a big deal. Also we can help you to gain expirience in public relations, human resources, IT, fundraising or project management.

Do you want to share something more with us?
Do not wait for us to come for you and join us laugh