How long have you been part of Buddy System Zlín? Why you decided to join us?

It is more than one year since I have became a buddy. At my last university we did not have this opportunity, so after I have been accepted to UTB, I searched for ESN section and how can I join it. After I came back from my Erasmus I wanted to keep this life style. It is also the way how could I give back, what other did for me on my Erasmus.

What is is your main responsibility in Buddy System Zlín?

Currently I am Local representative that means, I am responsible for representation and communication of our section, with national and international levels of ESN network. In practice, I travel a lot to participate on national platforms and other international events. It takes some of my free time, but in the other hand, you spend this time with amazing people.

What is your best memory with Buddy System Zlín?

I have got lot of good memories, because of ESN and BSZ. Choose one is pretty hard, but first thing coming to my mind is my first big national platform in Varvažov and its social program. It was my first experience with ESN itself, but especially with other people from Czech Republic who are doing the same. After this weekend we have lot of stories to tell.

Do you have any bad experiences with Buddy System Zlín?

There are not that many bad experiences, mostly they are connected to disappointment and worries based on preparation of some event or trip. It is like in normal work, when the things are not going in the way you would expect. But all of these experiences are good practice to your future.

Were you on Erasmus? If yes, in which country? How was the ESN section working there?

I have been to Lithuania to my Erasmus few years ago. There was a local ESN section at my university. Because of some communication issues we did not have pick up. It was kinda hard, but we made it to dorms and our mentor (buddy) helped us to set up. Later that day, because of beer, it was more about friendship than buddying. I think it should work like this.

What would you change in/improve on Buddy System Zlín?

I think that we need just more people, which are interested and want to make something with themselves, not for money, but for experiences, friendships, …

Would you recommend Buddy System Zlín to another students? Why?

In my opinion it is the best opportunity to have fun, while you are improving yourself and doing something for others. What could be better?

Do you want to share something more with us?

Don’t be lazy asshole. laugh