How long have you been part of Buddy System Zlín? Why you decided to join us?

I‘m part of Buddy System approximately a month and a half and I decided to joint this student organization because I wanted to try something new, meet new people from different countries, make new friends…just change my life. Another reason are my bad English skills. I’m afraid to talk to someone in English, so I hope I’ll change it here.      

What is your main responsibility in Buddy Systém Zlín?

My function in Buddy System is Treasurer. My main job is evidence of the financial matters. I was very pleasantly surprised when this position was offered to me. I would like to thank to people from BSZ for this oportunity and I promise I’ll try to be beneficial for the organization.

What is your bestmemory with Buddy Systém Zlín?

All my memories with Buddy System are the best (meanwhile laugh)! For example I was very excited about our teambuilding in the children's world Galaxy. I’ve never been there and this meeting with buddies was amazing because I could get to know new members of Buddy System and I enjoyed it very much!

Do you have any bad experiences with Buddy Systém Zlín?

No, I don’t. I’m not a member for a long time and as I said, all my experiences with Buddy System are good. On the contrary I appreciate the warm welcome in to the organization. 

Were you on Erasmus? If yes, in which country? How was the ESN section working  there?

No, I wasn’t. But during the time spent in Buddy System I realized it is mistake! So I decided to try Erasmus.

What would you change in/improve on BuddySystem Zlín?

From my position in Buddy System I would like to improve the care of the book keeping and all things connected with it. Generally I would like to increase the interest to become an active member of the Buddy System.

Would you recommend Buddy System Zlín to another students? Why?

Yes, because it is a great experience and a great opportunity to meet new people from different countries, learn about their culture and improve English skills. Of course, membership in Buddy System requires a lot of free time but  It's worth and I enjoy it!

Do you want to share something more with us?

Be in Be buddy in Zlín!