How long have you been part of Buddy System Zlín? Why you decided to join us?

I spend 3 different semesters in BSZ and now it‘s my fourth. During the time I have met lot’s of interesting people and get in contact with students from other faculties and students from all over the world. Basically I have decided to join BSZ at one point, during my studies abroad. It was a moment when I needed help in hospital and nobody spoke English there. I just wanted to somehow return this favor to students who need it.

What is your main responsibility in Buddy System Zlín?

I have to take care about web of BSZ and other matters related with IT like email administration, storing documents/reports at G-drive. But indeed there is not much work in IT, that was the reason why I candidate for IT responsible position. laugh What else am I doing is keeping informations/knowledge inside BSZ for future members. In other ESN sections is special position in board – “knowledge master” for this activity. On the other hand I am doing basically everything which is caused by huge inactivity of other members...

What is your best memory with Buddy System Zlín?

Actually I don’t know. Probably the elections in January 2016. Since that time lots of things has changed and it is still continuing.

Do you have any bad experiences with Buddy System Zlín?

Sure, everyone have. I can’t even count them all, but honestly I did some wrong things too, nobody is saint.

Were you on Erasmus? If yes, in which country? How was the ESN section working  there?

I have been two years ago in South Korea studying at Hanyang University in Seoul. I can’t say if their buddy system was good or bad, but it somehow worked. They did two trips, one was to the North Korea borders and second one I don’t remember. I got Mentor 1 week after arrival when I had almost everything done, but it was caused probably by small amount of mentors. After this, we had lot of meetings with another mentors and their mentees and I am really glad that I had such a fine Mentor, comparing with other mentors she spoke English well and she was always helpful. I hope we will meet in the future again.

What would you change in/improve on Buddy System Zlín?

There are several matters but I personally guess, most of them are not suitable to this topic so I will write only one. The essential problem is in motivating people to do something more and move it further. Now we have got miles away from point where we started and I have to thank to Patrik, Lenka and to other people who were actively supporting us and also I can’t forget people from international office, because they do lots of work and not many people/students appreciate it. To the point… I would like to change, improve motivation buddy students to be more active, but I don’t know how… People from university/international office did a huge thing for us, so I hope it will help.

Would you recommend Buddy System Zlín to another students? Why?

If she/he is seeking new friends (both Czech or foreign), knowledge, experiences then definitely yes. Why? It is the easiest way to obtain what she/he is looking for and it is for free… Anyway there are thinks like friendship and simply said: any MasterCard is not enough for it.

Do you want to share something more with us?

If you are afraid of something, stop think and jump headfirst into it. You have to somehow start!