How long have you been part of Buddy System Zlín? Why you decided to join us?

I joined Buddy System in September 2014 when I was in first year at TBU. Honestly? Reason why I came to BSZ was that I want to go for Erasmus and I thought that this will be way how to gain some extra points or attract university.

What is is your main responsibility in Buddy System Zlín?

 When I joined BSZ I was just regular member, then I go for Erasmus and when I come back - after revolution - I start helping with PR, graphic design and little bit organization of events. Currently I’m PR Manager.

What is your best memory with Buddy System Zlín?

When I came back from Erasmus and saw how big change happened during my time abroad.

Do you have any bad experiences with Buddy System Zlín?

I guess I don’t, my full insertion to Buddy System was just after big changes happened, so I didn’t have chance to go through bad times with them. But I really don’t like public speaking, so if I have to, then I feel like in the hell.

Were you on Erasmus? If yes, in which country? How was the ESN section working there?

As I mentioned before, I was. My stay was in Riga at Art academy of Latvia. About Buddy System in another country I can say only one thing - we hadn’t anything like it. Only thing that academy did, was one student coordinator for approximately 20 students. I don’t want to blame them. It is small academy, definitely not comparable with TBU, so there is no need to have Buddy System. But I have to say ESN in Riga works very well.

What would you change in/improve on Buddy System Zlín?

I’m not the right person to ask, I’m not so long here… In Buddy System Zlín I’m mostly as freelance or external. Due to minimum time I have… I think there is lot of work to do, but now I see biggest problem in amount of people. We desperately need “new blood”, young people with spirit, enthusiasm and will to change situation.

Would you recommend Buddy System Zlín to other students? Why?

Of course I would recommend it to others. It’s great opportunity for freshmen students to meet new people, to make friends, learn languages or as it was for me, gain skills in organization of events and public relations.

Do you want to share something more with us?

Don’t be afraid to go. Don’t be afraid to join us. There is always chance that you will love it and it will definitely change your life.