How to find an accommodation? Basically, there are two options: Rent an apartment with your friends or apply for accommodation through TBU.

Halls of Residence

The easiest way to find an accommodations is to apply for TBU dormitory, which follows several advantages but disadvantages as well.

  • The main advantage is that you are with other international students in one building and you can share knowledge and information but mainly you are at center stage.
  • The main disadvantage is that you can't choose your roomate, but later on you can apply for relocation.
  • Dormitory does include laundry with 50 CZK fee, free entrance to lounge/club-room/study-room.

Here is the given map of university buildings with underlined dormitories and bus station (note that bus station is associate with train station).

Below this sentence you can download the map of university buildings in pdf format (better quality) or click on the virtual tour link which will open in new window.

You can live either  T.G.M Hall of Residence (U12) - Nám. T. G. Masaryka 3050 Zlín or Stefanik Hall of Residence (U7) - Štefánikova 150 Zlín.. It takes approximately 20 min by a walk from bus/train station to both dormitories.

Important things about dormitories:

1. The quality of furniture in the room at dormitories is different!!! Check this photos!!

2. You can pay the monthly rent by the card of in cash. Only Czech currency can be used for payment (CZK) otherwise you will be homeless till you get czech money. This rent can be different, depends which day in month you will arrive. 3000 CZK is recommended to have! Easiest way is to withdraw the money from ATM, due the relatively low exchange rate.


More information about accommodation like bank details, deposit and fee payment you will find on Student Accommodation.



Rent an flat/apartment

1. In the first case, you need to have some friends in Zlin, who are able to manage it, but remember! Not many people in Zlin speaks english and wants to accommodate foreign people for short time period (chance is really small).  

2. It is not obligation of your buddy to help you with finding an apartment/flat!! From previous experiences, lots of buddies have only problems with owners because of the demolition of the flat or furniture there...

3. there is several ways how to ask/get information about offers of flats/appartments: